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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Knee Replacement. We are constantly adding most asked question to this page so if you have a question and don’t see your answer, don’t hesitate to email us at info@racekneeclinic.com

Called R 2 R for short, Dr Marothi has developed this special protocol for joint replacement surgery, offers many advantages to the patient.R 2 R is done quickly, safely and the patient can walk very soon after the operation. After 15 days the patient can resume nearly all his/her activities
  • Reduced Post-Operative Pain
  • Reduced infection
  • Reduced recovery time.
  • Reduced time - less than 20 minutes
  • Reduced tubes – No drains Reduced bone remova

According to the literature, foreign knee age is 25-30 years. The result also depends on the patient's weight, routine, knee quality and patient's bone quality.

According to Time Magazine, the disease of knee joint is spread like malaria, pandemics like dengue. Within a few days of joint replacement surgery, it helps in achieving total mobility and improves life style.

The soft bone (present) which connects thigh and leg bone, which is known to cartilage, gets erofed. In Gujarati and Marwari language, it's called “Scales”. This disease is related to the age.Some people also have rheumatoid arthritis at an early age. This knee pain happens due to injury in the ligament or the fragment of the crescendo present in the knee joint. All patients of Joint pain or Arthritis need not to have surgery. This surgery is necessarily required to improve lifestyle of those who are suffering from Osteoarthritis disease. Many people believe that knee joint transplantation is not appropriate at an early age, but this is not right and now the knee joint transplant with new technology is successful and lasts 25-30 years.

To prevent osteoarthritis, there is a need to improve tofay's lifestyle. In particular, due to so much of computer use it is not necessary to make changes in lifestyle. Now people walk less and they work by sitting only, due to which osteoarthritis disease has increased. In the next few years, the number of joint pain patients will increase so much that arthroplasty surgeons will fall short. If you keep some precautions, the effects of osteoarthritis can be reduced. Mainly women suffer from this disorder, they are found with the lack of Vitamin D. For that, women should spend some time under the sun. They should not stand in the kitchen for long. Use elevator as much as possible. Some heighted people suffer more joint pains. Women have trouble during menopause.Hormones should also be treated in such cases. People with high BMI,must lose weight. It is also necessary to reduce the use of fast foof in the diet and take nutritious foof and bring change in sports with increasing age. The belief that knee joint replacement implants in Osteoarthritis is far away is far away

There is a number of reasons for increased success in the knee joint transplantation, in which there is an experienced and specialist team and the other with the Class Limener Air Flow Class 100 Special Operation Theater No other surgery than implantation is done. Surgeons and Operation Theater staff use space shoots and disposable gowns.Due to these, the risk of infection is greatly reduced.Due to the experienced and specialist team, the rate of success is more than the implant implant in other hospitals. The use of computer navigation in knee joint transplantation is being promoted nowadays.But in reality, the experienced team who does the surgery with their hands, is not getting the results from computer navigation

When due to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and enucleating spondylitis, cartilage cushion gets badly erofed which lies in the middle of the bones.

There are four types of osteo arthritis: (I) Mild, (II) Moferate, (III) Severe, (IV) Complex. An X-ray is taken while standing for the test.

Problem in walking due to knee pain, difficulty in standing for long time, trouble on stairs up & down, difficulty in daily life, in these cases knee implantation is a reliable treatment.

Most of type 3 osteoarthritis occurs after the age of 50, but this operation is advised at the young age who suffers from Rheumatoid,Ankylosing Spondylitis and Avascular Necrosis. If the patient is medically diagnosed at older age, then it can be done anytime.

After the knee operation, most patients start walking from the first day, from the second day they can walk with the help of a stick, sit on the chair, use the toilet, and can use stairs. In a month,patients can do usual daily activities, even they can drive a vehicle

Only 5-8 easy exercises are given to patients at the hospital.These exercise scan be easily done at home by patient